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Whether you have been recently introduced to the world of speech bubbles or have been a strong follower of comic magazines, one thing that has remained constant throughout the century – even after the rise of technology and social media – is the unending obsession with comics.This particular genre gained immense popularity with the advent of Superman and Batman by Marvel comics and DC comics, respectively. Is Comic reading a hobby or a passion? This is something to be decided by those individuals who have invested their emotions, and not to forget, finances in this discipline. One cannot simply ignore how difficult it has always been to wait for the next issue of our favorite comic, even more than the latest episode of Game of Thrones.It is kind of difficult (and controversial) to pick any one as the best comics of all time;however, it would be fair to create a list of the best comics of all times along with Marvel comics and best DC comics for those who need an insight in this field.Without further ado, let us present to you the best Marvel comics to read and obsess over for the rest of your lives! Here I present to you the The Best Comics of All Time.

The League of Extraordinary Gentleman: Volume 1

In The League of Extraordinary Gentleman the idea of the plot has been given a complete makeover by Miss Hanna Harker. Bringing together Dr Henry Jekyll, My Edward Hyde, Allan Quatermain, Captain Nemo and the Invisible Man, Miss Harker amalgamates the personal and physical demons of these characters which are not to fight against a an external force revolving around Fu Manchu.

Maus: The Complete Maus

This graphic series is an intricate work of art and history yoked together to narrate the complete story of a Polish Jew, Vladek Spielgelman, struggling to survive in Hitler’s Europe. This comic series makes use of animal imagery along with a Gothic thematic structure to evoke the extraordinary journey of survival.

V For Vendetta

This comic book series evaluates the indistinct ideals of the good or bad and portrays a tale of a universe where personal and political freedoms do not exist. Set in the background of an England ruled by dictatorship, this series gives birth to a peculiar bizarre man hidden behind a white porcelain mask. Along with the help of his apprentice,both these men fight their enemies through terrorism and violence.

Archie Comics

If you’re looking for a lighthearted humorous comic strip to jazz up your weekend and boost your mood, there is nothing better than the Archie Comics. Famous for its popular teenage characters, namely Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones, Veronica Lodge, and Sabrina Spellman, this comic book series is voted as the most widely read amongst teenagers. Well for those who have no clue of this series, I am sure you must have come across the sensational TV series ‘Riverdale’, one way or another. There you go! The TV show is based on the popular Archie Comics and the interesting lives of these characters.

Best Marvel Comic Book Series

X-Men Days of the Future Past

X-Men “Days of the Future Past” belongs to issue #141-142 of “The Uncanny X-Men”, published in 1981. It deals with the idea of a dystopian future which shows the mutants imprisoned in internment camps. The story reaches a climax when Kate Pryde transforms herself in to her younger self, present day Kitty Pryde. It is then Kitty who prevents a fatal moment in history by bringing the X-Men together and saving the anti-mutant hysteria from being triggered.

Secret Wars

Published in 1984, the Marvel Comics decided to give their fans a surprise by bringing together their favorite heroes and villains, all in one! Titled the ‘Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars’, they were released in a 12-issue series.Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, Captain America, the X-Men, Doctor Doom, Doctor Octopus,Magneto, Spider-Man, Thor, Hulk, the Lizard, Titania, Molecule Man, Ultron, Iron Man,and the Fantastic Four featured in this issue, which often claimed to be the best Marvelcomic by some fans.And why not? It features our most favorite heroes and villains of all times. Along withintroducing all characters at once, this series was also termed as the iconic one as it brought out Spider-Man and his symbiotic suit. You definitely need to hit the ‘buy comic online’ option available on countless websites and get this one!

Demon in a Bottle

The Invincible Iron Man is back at it again. “Demon in a Bottle” is one of the most popular Marvel Comic book series which revolves around the confrontation Iron Man has with his most inaccessible enemy who happens to be an industrialist, Justin Hammer.The question arises whether this Armored Avenger, known for his vigor, brings downhis implacable foe? This release features the Sub-Mariner and the Ant Man in addition.

The Death of Gwen Stacy

As shocking as the title, Gwen Stacy’s death left the readers astounded. The shock value of this particular series still holds weight and remains a classic therefore. Featuring the Green Goblin and Spiderman’s face off on the top of the George Washington Bridge with Gwen Stacy struggling for life makes this issue worth reading!

Wolverine: Old Man Logan

A distressed Wolverine leaves behind everything to lead the life of a farmer with his family, referring to himself as Logan and deciding to live life away from brutality forever. 50 years pass by and Logan has failed to pay his rent to Bruce Banner’s family,who rule the area.With the possibility of coercion on his family, Logan agrees to a dangerous courier job, a delivery to be carried to New Babylon for which he journeys to America. But will he be able to arrive back in time? What has happened that to made him a conscientious objector? Bestiality is what you’d come across in Mark Millar’s work, which is rather appalling and compelling, but fits perfectly with the character.Overall, a very amusing, alternative approach towards Marvel universe, and a fantastic read with some brilliant art from Steven McNiven. A message for all the superhero comic fans – Mark Millar at its best!

Best DC Comic Book Series

The Killing Joke

With its subtly crafted dialogues and some sadistic yet extraordinary moments, The Killing Joke leaves the readers in a state of disbelief and unease while they try to decipher the meaning behind every action and physical appearance of the characters. Our beloved Joker and Batman are the main characters of this series. While earlier we had only seen Batman hurling punches at the Joker, this issue involves a deeper and darker analysis of their disturbing similarities and relationship. It involves the revelation of the Joker’s character and the psychology behind his acts, which appears to be entirely new and different for the fans.

Crisis On Infinite Earths

The series, Crisis on Infinite Earths was published in 1985 with an attempt to make the selection of picking comic books easier for beginners and novice fans. The plot revolved around a creature named the ‘Anti-Monitor’ who aims to destroy the DC universe.This interesting series brings about the death of the Flash the Superman of Earth One and Supergirl. However, the end result is the victory of the heroes.

All Star Superman

As the title suggests, All Star revolves around our most favorite superhero, Superman. In this series, he prepares the world along with the people close to him, for his death. Dealing with matters like fighting against Bizarro, curing countless diseases and reigniting the Sun, Superman wins innumerable hearts! This comic sets a new and revised precedent for other comic book series on how to entirely revise a 70-plus- year old character, presenting him in a new light.

The Dark Knight Returns

Agreed by all, The Dark Knight Returns is definitely one of the most dynamic and high-powered Batman stories of all. It shows the rise of Batman as he reveals himself from retirement and begins the war against Gotham City to restore the order and prevent the law from being misused by corrupt powers.

The New Frontier

New Frontier is presented to readers as a classical work of art. We see noteworthy heroes accept mankind’s transformation around mid-century where Superman and Wonder Woman maintain the peace in French Indo-China, Batman subdues Gotham City’s underworld, and Hal Jordan is a brilliant, dauntless fighter pilot, haunted by a confrontation behind enemy lines in the outcome of the Korean War.

Cooke seems to be well-crafted in the art of perfecting both Silver Age comics and the subculture of the 50’s and 60’s, since he writes the era which makes one think of the norms, the dreams, the flashbacks, and the moments you hold close to you. New Frontier will take you on a trip down memory lane when you you fancied a movie as a kid and you still consider it the best thing ever.

Buy Comics Online

We can all agree that going for comic book shopping is yet another hobby enjoyed by dozens. However, for some, it is extremely difficult to spare time out of their busy schedule to specifically go to a particular bookstore to get their hands on a fresh issue of their favorite series. Therefore, to make it easier, we are providing you with a list of websites which will allow you to buy comics online.


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