The best Witcher 3 screenshots

It’s been a while since The Witcher III was released. I never get tired of this awesome game, even after a few years there are hardly any games that match the fidelity. Sometimes I just sit back and enjoy the landscape, this is by far best game I ever played in its genre. If your curious about the game you can find out more at the official website.

Novigrad sunset

witcher 3 Novigrad sunset

This screenshot was taken in Novigrad. Population is near 30,000 civilians within Redania, Novigrad is a free city and one of the largest cities in the North. It has of of the biggest ports on the continent.

Beauclair in the distance

Beauclair in the distance - witcher 3
This screenshot was taken near Beauclair on a sunny day. It is the capital city and known for its wines. You’ll only encounter this if you have access to the Blood and wine DLC, a must have in my opinion. Make sure to follow the main quest  – The Beast of Toussaint. You’ll be rewarded with some property after defeating the Shaelmaar.

The Skellige Islands

The Skellige Islands - witcher 3
There’s something about the Skellige islands that the Witcher 3 simply knocks out of the park. It’s one of the few games that get the lighting as great as this when you look out into the distance.

Great lightning and shadows

Great lightning and shadows - witcher 3
A great composition, too bad you can’t really look outside but this screenshot is just breathtaking.

Another great shot

sunset bridge over water - witcher 3
I just love the details in the game, looking at these screenshots want to make me start a new game and do it all over again.

Fog near Skellige

Fog near Skellige - witcher 3
Fog near Skellige, quite mysterious. You’ll encounter this place when picking up the contract The Phantom of Eldberg. Bring some specter oil and moondust to kill the Penitent during the quest.


beautiful valley - witcher 3
This valley is one of the most beautiful places in the game, the rivers, fog and mountains are just perfect.






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