Get a Star Citizen referral code and experience 3.0 alpha

Get a Star Citizen referral code and enlist to earn free game currency. The coupon code earns you 5000 game credits (UEC) for free. You don’t need to buy the game to get the credits, just signing up is good enough. Just wait for an opportunity to try out Star Citizen for free and take a test drive.
Remember though that the longer you wait, the more expensive the packages get. Right now you can still get a pretty good deal. For only 60 bucks you’ll get access the single player Squadron42 (when released) and the multi-player persistent universe. Make use of the upcoming anniversary sale starting November 24th!

Star Citizen referral code

How does the referral program work

The Star Citizen referral program was introduced to motivate backers to tell others about the space game. Just like other affiliate programs you and your recruit get something in return.  When someone uses your code and spends at least $40, you’ll be rewarded 1 recruitment point. Your recruit gets free game credits.

  • A prospect needs to spend $40 or more to get you a recruitment point (RP).
  • A referral code always awards 5000 UEC, you don’t need to buy anything.
  • You can’t gift from one account to another to get RP.
  • Transferring gift cards to other accounts won’t work to gain RP.
  • Rewards earned from the program can’t be gifted or melted. The only exception is the Star Kitten t-shirt which is giftable.
  • A Recruitment Point will be deducted if a recruit asks for a refund within 2 weeks.
  • All rewarded ships get 6 months insurance.

How to use the Star Citizen referral code

It’s not that difficult, just enter the referral code when you create a new Star Citizen account.
  1. Go to the registration page and enter coupon code STAR-L6Q2-2394
  2. Get a starter game package
  3. Proceed to the checkout
  4. Welcome to the Verse!

If you already have an account you can’t use the voucher anymore. Consider creating a new account if you haven’t bought a game package yet. If not, no big deal its just a few game credits.

The referral code rewards

The rewards are a nice bonus at least up to 10 recruits. After the Gladius gold, the rewards become less appealing. You’ll earn them by referring friends or spamming them everywhere which is usually frowned upon by the community. If someone uses your code when enlisting for the video game they become a prospect. Once they buy a package using your Star Citizen referral code, you’ll get 1 recruitment point.

Now getting 2017 RP is probably not going to happen, but you’ll get a Gladius when you reach 10 recruits (and some other goodies). The Gladius is a great looking ship but a bit of a glass cannon at the moment. It’ll probably get some more teeth once the game is balanced out. Everything is subject to change as the game is in Alpha.

Here’s an image of the ranking ladder and rewards:

star citizen referral code ranking ladder

How to earn recruitment points

It isn’t that hard but you need to put a little effort into it. If you don’t have ten friends there’s a couple of strategies you can apply. It requires some work but many have used this method and it works if you’re patient. Also consider timing, like when you post to Imgur, Reddit or Youtube.  Events like Citizencon or Gamescom are great opportunities to get some content out there. Here’s the checklist:

  • Create a nice trailer, look for nice videos and make a great compilation.
  • Write guides and use some fancy images, save the image and post it to Imgur.
  • Add your code to referral code randomizer.

Referral code randomizer

The randomizer was introduced by the Star citizen sub Reddit to stop people from spamming their codes. I don’t know why people thought it’s a good idea to mention referral numbers to backers, but some still think this works. Basically, it generates random referrals and is ranked pretty high on the Google SERPS.

You can add your code there but it probably won’t do much unless you’re really lucky. Thousands of backers already added their code so you’re a little late to the party. There are more ‘generators’ out there these days so I suggest you add your number to all of them.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Just google for star citizen referral code randomizer.
  2. Enter your code on all the pages you see in the top 10.
  3. Wait and perhaps…
  4. Profit

RSI referral contest (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻.

CIG announced a contest back in April to motivate backers to bring in new recruits. However this didn’t go well, the community was outraged, or at least a few vocal ones weren’t too happy about it.

This contest failed in a couple of ways, the anger it caused had to do with a few of the points below.

So what went wrong?

  • Star Kitten dragonfly and shirts, sort of a Hello Kitty rip-off but 95% of the backers are male.
  • An impossible grand prize, you needed over 3k recruits to win the VIP ticket to Gamescom. Nobody on the leaderboard could achieve that, perhaps this was the idea.
  • Leaderboard competitors got to promote their referral, this seems unfair to the average backer.

One of the best arguments I’ve come across is that people don’t want to promote the game to their friends in the current state. In all honesty, at the moment the content is pretty thin and everyone is waiting for patch 3.0 to finally have some real gameplay.

Star citizen coupon codes

Although CIG hands out coupon codes once every while, you’ll have a hard time getting them. Sometimes they hand out vouchers on events like Citizencon or Gamescom, but you’ll need to attend.

Discounts with Warbonds

Nowadays you can get a discount on every concept sale. Warbonds discounts only apply when CIG introduces new ships and they are usually pricey. You’re better off just buying a starter ship because you can earn everything in-game. Wait until the anniversary sales which takes place in November, you often get discounted Star Citizen starter packs.

Imperator prime and Centurion subscriber discount

You can get a discount, CIG offers 10 or 20 percent discounts but you’ll need to become a subscriber for at least a year. Hardly worth it as the subscriptions are more expensive. Your money is used to create content and updates like Around the Verse, Bugsmashers etc. If you want to support the game you could consider to become a subscriber.

Free ship packages

Free ship packages are only obtainable by participating in raffles during the Anniversary sales. Other means are by participating in giveaways like Twitch streamers or Youtubers. Sometimes CIG works together with hardware companies and promotes a product with a free ship. The most recent example is the Intel Optane SSD which comes with a Sabre Raven voucher. A long time ago AMD provided the Mustang Omega game package.

Try Star Citizen for free

You can occasionally play the game for free, CIG often hosts free fly events. Free flies are usually announced a few days before the event, so you need to keep a close eye on the game. I can guarantee that there will be another one hosted once version 3.0 alpha is released.

Picking a ship and why it’s so expensive

ALL YOU NEED IS A STARTER PACKAGE, everything can be earned in the final game. There’s a huge misunderstanding about the ships prices and why they are listed. The more expensive packages are meant to support the development of the game, only if you can afford to you should consider buying a more expensive ship. However, if you feel the need to compete in the alpha you’re better off with a dedicated fighter ship like the Hornet.

I don’t get the criticism about the ships prices to be honest. If you’re looking for controversy to rage about you should look at what the major publishers have done in the last decade. From cutting up full games into DLC’s and even the EA latest scam game called Star Wars Battlefront II. Paying full price for a game with a freemium model is just outrageous.

So don’t burn your wallet unless you are a firm believer and want to support development.

The best starter ship

Probably the best starter ships are the Mustang or Aurora. The Aurora ships are more versatile which means you’ll be able to take on more diverse missions. If you pick an Aurora, consider upgrading the ship to the Aurora LN. You can upgrade and melt ships meaning you can use your store credits to get a different package.

star citizen best starter ships

If you can spare a few extra bucks you could consider the Avenger. The Avenger Stalker is decent in combat and has cargo space on top of that it’s a great design. In the end it’s really up to you, if you want to compete in combat in the alpha stage you’ll need a more dedicated fighter ship. You can consider trying out a starter ship and buy and upgrade later.

avenger stalker

There’s plenty of backers out there that will lend you ships is you ask!

Buying ships in-game

You can buy ships in the game using aUEC (alpha test currency) once Star Citizen 3.1 alpha is released. Probably not all ships but at least some decent fighters, racers or explorers. These ships will not be added permanently to your account, with every major update stuff bought with aUEC will be wiped.


You only need a basic package and use the Star Citizen referral code to get a bonus when enlisting for the game. The game is in alpha so you’ll encounter many bugs and often performance issues. Although it’s getting better each update, optimizing the game is not going to happen until the beta release. It can take many more years before Star Citizen releases.














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